Due to Covid restrictions Treks in Nepal are Currently closed until September 2020 – but you can start imagining it now….

Trekking in Nepal is as much of a personal pilgrimage as it is a trek. The physical aspects are exciting as we walk through the valleys and mountains people dream of. We ascend toward the top of the world to a maximum altitude of 5700meters. Sharing wisdom, awareness, Buddhism and awe. We visit ancient monasteries with practicing monks and laugh and play football. We enjoy local food and local people, we meet Tibetan traders and some will buy their beautiful stone jewellery. You’ll share a joke with thousand year old woman and you’ll play kick ball with kids with runny noses who just make you love life. You’ll study each night in a very informal form of debrief, sharing moments ands remembering those moments, like sitting next to a three thousand year old statue and praying with a monk.

The Perfection of The Himalayas

Our trek is located in the Kumbu Valley and extends right to the base of Everest where the Himalayan expanse is awesome and the beauty without comparison. We acclimatize in Namche and stay in a wonderful hotel that was once a monastery. We visit the sacred lakes at Gokyo and climb –(trek only) a peak–Gokyo Peak, stay 8 days in the deeper Himalayas in tea houses and return back to Kathmandu as we came.

A trip of a lifetime. Spirit Walk Nepal is a Personal Mastery and Leadership program in the magnificence of the Nepalese Himalayas


A Spiritual and Personal Mastery Adventure high in the magnificent Himalayas. Visit Buddhist monasteries high on mountain slopes, the Sherpa culture, Tibetan markets, challenging trekking and prepared meditations in awesome environments throughout the trek.

The People

You will meet monks, and families, children and Tibetan traders, you will meet Sherpa’s who have climbed Everest several times, porters whose lives are spent walking up and down mountains carrying tourist supplies. The air is fresh and full of vitality but starved of oxygen, your lungs will adapt and your fitness transform.

You will loose weight, the effort so high in these lands is a guarantee, you’ll meet weather conditions from hottest sun to coolest snow, we are in the Himalayas, all is expected and all is celebrated.

You will not be exposed to extreme climbing conditions. We a re after all a seminar company and personal development is our focus, so crampons, ropes and climbing axes are not part of your program.


Each day has a theme and we study and learn from both the environment and the many monks we share time with. You are always free to explore. But the deepest exploration will come from your own magical journey. Your vision and destiny in these mountains just gets stronger with every step. You will be supplied with sleeping bag and down jacket. All the rest is up to you. Consider heat, snow, sun, cold., wind, sleeping and washing in a dribble shower.

Take Home

A very personal, deep exploration of self awareness, global future, and cultural diversity. A way to deepen your spiritual Commitment, gain global leadership skills and improve the quality of your life in a most spectacular environment.


For the last 15 years I have taken an annual pilgrimage to Nepal. The same path, the same trek, the same mountains. For me, this is more than a trek in the Himalayas, it is a journey to self and an exploration of Buddhist culture merged with so many others. It is a chance to let go the baggage, to shed a few pounds, to be honest and real, and, at the same time, be inspired by the awe and magnificence of the high Himalayas, home of Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and China. This is no guided tour, you trek, explore, experiment, meet people on the ground. Your journey is also education. Our focus is, as always the ancient mysteries, consciousness and an expansion of our reality. Take off the suit, put on the trekking shoes, gather your gear and bring your camera for an exploration of consciousness, leadership, life and the magnificence of the journey to the top.

Arrival in Kathmandu and over night in Kathmandu. Fly to Lukla and continue trek to Phakding or Monjo. Trek to Namche.
Rest for acclimatization in Namche.

  • Trek to Dole.
  • Trek to Machharmo.
  • Trek to Gokyo(4900m). After lunch climb to Gokyo-Ri(5350 m.)
  • and back to Gokyo for stay.
  • Trek to Dzongla via Na: village and Cho-La pass(5345 m.).
  • It is long day about 8 hours.
  • Trek to Lobuche(4920 m).
  • Early in the morning about 4:00 am trek to Kalapathher(5545 m)
  • via Gorakshep. Continue trek to Everest Base Camp as he like and back to Lobuche to stay (This day takes about 8-10 hours).
  • Trek to Pangboche.
  • Trek to Namche or Jorsale(Near by Army Check Post).
  • Trek to Lukla and if there are flight then fly to Kathmandu
  • if not then stay overnight at Lukla.
  • In the morning fly to Kathmandu.

The Goals

The goals of the program are both experiential and educational. We look into Tibetan Buddhism and compare these to the ancient mysteries deciphering truth from myth as we go. We see first hand Buddhism in action and learn for ourselves the wisdom of ancient teachings.

We laugh, cry and challenge ourselves physically in the long up and down hill sections and learn from each other. We share time with our porters and make great friends in the tea houses we stay in and eat at.

To witness the Himalayas up close is such a profound experience it defies description here. We are able to see the word from a whole new perspective and wow, what a view. 8 mountains of the worlds 13 peaks that are over 8,000meters are in view.

From a personal point of view – you will learn so much more about yourself and your life, it clarifies uncertainties, awakens your dreams and helps you to become more real in your life.

Your Expectations

As little as possible is the best way to put things. You will be challenged physically because there is both altitudes and hills to climb. There is no scheduled ropes or climbing involved.

Our study is around mindfulness, the Buddhist concepts of inner truth, vision and personal awareness. AS with all Chris Walker programs the ultimate mission is consciousness and self awareness and the real world application of this.

We will, where possible endeavor to integrate and meet with local people. It is not always possible but we often stop at a school and share time and sometimes teaching English to the kids. Donations to temples and local causes are a personal matter but they are always welcome.

What to Consider

Change. Lots of it. Change in time, schedules, route and mindsets. Nepal is a land of change. Life for a Nepali is a life of constant flux. You will need to adapt to this in order to enjoy your experience. Always change –bought about by the most obscure situation –adaptability is learnt in Nepal.


Nepal is continuously experiencing radical change and now is in a state of flux. There are some areas unsafe for us only because we don’t want to be caught up in the fuss. So we stay clear of the areas that are recommended no go zones. We can always be required to change or defer the trip if there are considered unsafe environments. We watch this carefully and always relay information in it’s entirety to you for consideration. Should we cancel then only the expenses (US$300) portion of the payments are not refundable (this is paid to local people and becomes a donation to those who should not be affected, our porters etc).

DCF 1.0


Our timing for this trip is based on weather, weather and weather. Twice a year there are beautiful windows in the Himalayan weather. Autumn and Spring. We have chosen the dates based on significant research and experience. However, we are always prepared for the unexpected. Cold weather gear and raincoats are important.


Insurance is required in Nepal and we will ask for proof of this insurance before departure. The program is a conference to be held in Namche Bazaar. We are happy to guide and care for you en route but responsibility for health and well-being is to each and every individual.


During the trek, each night will be spent in authentic Nepalese tea houses that range in quality from the sublime to the ridiculous (the latter being in the remoter areas).

Safety and Warnings

Altitude requires caution. Altitude sickness is preventable by acclimatisation and in some cases (temporary) medication. The walk is physically challenging and significant preparation is recommended. Water is available on the whole trek and purification tablets make it 100% safe where necessary. Pack weight is important. We ask each person to carry maximum of 10Kg and offer a porter load of another 10kg (maximum porter load 25kg)


There are extensive notes on the trip on our web site at password nepal2002


The duration of the program is 14 days. Start to finish. However there are some added options on each trip that vary depending on the season snows, the politics and ambitions of individuals. Prior to the program we have so many opportunities to visit safari parks, white water rafting and all. These are separate to the program. After the program there are other areas of the Himalayas that can be explored and we can guide you in these depending on your requirements.

We plan an expedition at the end of one of the next trips which will cross four valley passes. This may include a novice climb for the brave up a small peak.


What to Expect

Planning and Preparation

We focus on both safety (in choosing the location, route and time of year) as well as the opportunity to step off the tourist tracks. We visit monasteries and meet the monks, share a joke and get their take on life in the bigger sense.

We use porters who carry about 10kg per person and each participant is encouraged to carry around 5 –10 kg each in a small, full frame back pack. Our accommodation is tea houses along the way and each offers something very different.

You will need to be quite fit and ready to walk in very appropriate footwear. Most important is that your legs are ready for some knee jarring, angle testing, hip hugging downhill strolls. No escape from the fact that –although fitness is important, knees and ankles remain a significant vulnerability for all trekking –even down to the shop.

What will you cover?

From Kathmandu – Into the mountains and return. You’ll just love every moment, even the ones that aren’t as we predicted. A snow storm, a downpour, a sunny day, a breathless morning an awesome sunset. Our porters and guides are always an inspiration. Your workbook is your heart, the medium through your spirit, the format is life, the outcome, life changing.

Program Design

The Conference/ Seminar On Top of the World is a program focused on the Future. Exploring Humanity in Business, Development of Human Potential, Global Trends, Current Illusions, Personal Magnetism, Mind Powers, Culture Change, The Power of Tomorrow, The Possible Human and Principles for Growth. Sessions are primarily informal and include personal/individual discussions en route. Lunchtime gatherings and evening get together provide opportunities to share experiences and develop topics of interest. Individuals will be able to trek alone as they choose or in groups. Routes are clearly marked and staging (check) points will maintain safety. Discussions will be supported by field notes presented at the end of the experience.

Most Asked Questions

Namche bazaar

Aptly named because of it’s role in trade from Tibet to Nepal, Namche, will be the focal point of the trip. Tibetan, Nepali and Sherpa people gather here in this remote village to support expeditions, trade and sell their harvests. Comfortable accommodation makes this village (only accessible by foot)the perfect base. We will use Namche as base camp for 7days of exploration, discussion and learning. Getting to Namche provides three exciting, valuable and economic possibilities


During the trek, each night will be spent in authentic Nepalese tea houses that range in quality from the sublime to the ridiculous (the latter being in the remoter areas). The expectation is that you eat where you sleep. Accomodation cost is around $1.00 per night while food may range to a total of $5.00 for dinner and Breakfast if you really eat well.

At the conference town of Namchi, our base for 7 days we have selected a small and very beautiful lodge and to enable us to work and play we invite you to stay at this lodge together.

Safety and Warnings

Altitude requires caution. Altitude sickness is preventable by acclimatisation and in some cases (temporary) medication. The 7day walk is physically challenging and significant preparation is recommended. Water is available on the whole trek and purification tablets make it 100% safe where necessary. Pack weight is important. For couples a total weight of 15kg is possible and individuals will add to about 10kg. Any more than this we recommend a porter (US$10 per day inclusive)

Excluded from the Cost

• Internal Flights • International Flights • Snacks and Beverages • Trekking Gear

• other than nominated Insurances

What Others Say

“The world is full of beauty. I experienced this in absolute awe when sitting in monasteries upon Himalayan skies. To observe the simple practices by Buddhist monks filling up and emptying golden bowls of precious water against the morning and evening sun revealed to me the real purpose of my own life. Grace, Integrity and Beauty. This simple act performed at the same time every day demonstrated to me such mindfulness and respect for our creation. Coming from a world where sacred rituals and practices are not as elegant, I was confronted by it’s absolute beauty. Although in my heart since birth, the purpose for my existence was crystallized at Namche Bazaar. For those of you who are considering Nepal 2002, take a risk and step outside your comfort zone and do it.

Nepal is truly one of the most magnificent places on this earth. Trekking through its mountains will take you to a place deep within that will make your spirit soar and cry and laugh. Thank you Christopher Walker for reaching out to me and inspiring me to climb. I am forever grateful for you and the beauty in this world. Namaste.”

– Judy Chapman

An amazing journey the program focus will be Self Mastery and Global change. Can you imagine a program based on principles of human potential, a futuristic approach to personal mastery set amongst the diversity of a people steeped in spiritual and cultural ritual? You will be guided by the worlds best, you will have the opportunity to individually explore all seven areas of life as well as enjoying a multinational group dynamic with a common mission. The seminar/conference takes place at during the day and as informally as possible.

Christopher Walker is about Change.

Fast, clear and focussed change. The sort of change you need when you want to improve the quality of your life, grow your business, develop and better home life or in any way inspire more spirit and vision in your life. His interest is to help you open your heart and then follow it, relentlessly. It means cutting through belief systems, exploring options and finding your truth in personal, business, relationship and health.


Chris Walker has been to the mountains of the Himalayas over 57 times and celebrated vision quests with 000’s of clients. He is able to help you do a life changing trip and add or remove the degree of adventure you and your partner might want.

Start with an email. There’s no fees. Chris simply encourages you to donate a few dollars to his favorite charities in Nepal and to visit a few monasteries on the way where old monks are old friends.

It’s his contribution to Visit Nepal 2020 for the Country, the Sherpa and the Australian Nepalese he loves so dearly.