There is a way to build wealth that is sustainable, non emotional and very wealth creating. This is called the PEAK Savings Plan and I’ve used it in my own life and to help others for nearly 30 years. Yes, when the World Trade Centre went down because of terrorism, I was extremely financially exposed and to be honest, had deviated from the Peak Plan. We had stretched ourselves, and secured a $37 million line of investment from a fund in NYC. Unfortunately, most of the people and the resources of the fund, went down with the building. Our problems were secondary compared to that. Our office in NYC became an overnight prime target as a temporary home for the thousands of companies who had lost their entire existence. Real Estate values skyrocketed and our lease was not air tight. After only a few weeks, we were locked out of our offices, we had nothing to play with. I continued to earn, but the funding was the key, we had to pack up and return to Australia. It was just before we managed to find our way back, that our house, our beautiful $3.8 million home on Sydney Harbour burnt to the ground. A chimney had heated a small piece of timber in the renovated upper level and the wood ignited the entire home. Our loans and overdraft consumed the insurance payout as the banks took opportunities to reduce their exposure during the period just after 911. We couldn’t rebuild. We lost the house, the insurance and were seriously penniless. The insurance did provide six months temporary housing, long enough for us to get our business legs functioning. But the venture REAL … a flagship conscious product superstore with a global rollout was done. I used my Super to fund a new business startup from Sydney, we listed the new company on the Australian stock exchange and eventually sold our shareholding. Bit by bit we rebuilt, but i have learnt my lesson. The PEAK savings plan is the only model for business and personal wealth growth that I would ever use. I’m happy where I have arrived in life but the stress of getting through that drama might just have cost my ex partner and business partner, her life. RIP.


If I am in a got to state of mind, i will either over or under estimate the probability of a venture. My fears and uncertainties will create a thought and that thought will cause itself. My got to investments (high volatility) and inflated promises have less than a 50/50 chance of success. My emotions will rule me.

As so on, up the consciousness cone until i get to Love to where, i have no emotional investment in the rewards of investment. I’m what they might call, cold.

When a friend delivers a negative opinion about an investment we are about to make, sometimes we are offended. This demonstrates that infatuation, is self preserving and yet, it is a totally ignorant and emotional position to take on any topic.

In the state of GOT TO, impulse buying, retail therapy, sale mania, too good to be true deals, rash decisions are none of the qualities of a good leader and yet, I witness so many leaders influenced by their spouse or the opinions of others and become unsure of their rational position. As soon as you hear yourself say “I got to do it, have it, be it, or own it” the PEAK SAVINGS PLAN says stop.


The first thing you are going to need to know is your monthly outgoings. This includes everything you would have to pay for even if you didn’t have a job. Food, mortgage, rent, car, electricity, school fees. On this, we are including everything even if you think “if i was unemployed I would cancel or reduce costs” – this budget is “business/life as usual.

To make this easier for me, I’m going to pick a number per month $8000 after tax payments to sustain the current lifestyle. Now, tripple it for 3 months $24,000. This is the magic number of this example.

So, I would need $24,000 cash on hand, in real money in an at call bank account that is separated from my working account. This money is not “rainy day” because that affirmation is going to cause trouble. This money is your “got to” account and it must never be touched. It’s always tempting for emotional people to drain this for a new …. something. So, sometimes we recommend giving power of that account to a trusted professional. Counter signature at least. With clear condition for releasing it. The condition is if “shit hits the fan” and after payouts are exhausted and paid garden leave finished, this is the fund.

Next I would put another $24,000 in Should. This would be on 3 months call. It could therefore be interest creating. Again, it is only milked if got to is triggered. Now there is 6 months of on your knees life that would continue as normal and not trigger emotion (financial worries). Now to Need to and another $24,000 and need to would be liquidated over a 6 month period and therefore could be prime shares. It is not an investment in a volatile environment like a business or bitcoin etc. This Need to money – now 9 months of self/family preservation is starting to build a stream of consciousness that has very little volatility emotion built in. But we are not finished yet.

Want to – a 12 month liquidation period – could be an investment property but, and here’s the big but, liquidating a property within a slump is bad bad business and slumps can last more than 12 months. Hence, I’d put the Want to $24,000 into a fund of some guaranteed return and could be liquidated in 6-12 months.

Desire is a 15 month investment. Choose is an 18 month investment and love to is a 21 month investment. (property, business and shares, bitcoin is a love to play.

What then?

Once you go all the way to the top, you can start from the bottom with 4 months and work your way up. Once you get the top you can start at the bottom with 5. Etc.

This is a wealth creating model. Separate to this you might have your lifestyle money. But lifestyle is second to the Peak Plan. I’d say, live cheap until there is at least WANT TO money in someplace.

This model takes the emotion out of home renovation and business start up, which must both be considered Choose to investments.

It’s a fun easy way to manage your money and is exactly what any financial advisor would recommend or at least some version of it.

Invest as nature intended, grow wealthy as nature intended.


Chris “BUFFET” Walker

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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