The way to improve or evolve the quality of your service to others is by taking time for self-reflection each day. The Innerwealth Hour of Power is one powerful way of doing that (always at the start of the day). Here are the ten important ingredients of the Innerwealth Hour of Power.

1. TIme Limit … Self reflection is essential in order to evolve, but it was never meant to last all day. With Turning Up being the ultimate definition of a great day, the Hour of Power is the Opposite, it’s a time for Turning IN. Introspection will save you the hassle of having someone rub your nose in your stuff. So, the key ingredient of the hour of power is that it needs to challenge you.

2. Know when to upgrade… Anything that’s not rewarding is going to fizzle out. No matter how committed you are enjoying this time of introspection and feeling rewarded for doing it are important. Make sure the burst training is fun, the exercises are inspiring and the visualisation makes you energised. And of course, make sure the competitive partner piece makes you horny.

3. Recognise when you lose it … Getting depressed, angry, blaming, critical, tired and or addicted to uppers or downers are all signs that you’re losing it. Early response can save a whole lotta heart ache.

4. Measure – DO the Garmin. One of the seven areas of your life that is included in the Hour of Power is your Health. For the ten minutes allocated for health in the Hour of Power Innerwealth recommends Burst Training. During Burst Training you do 30 second Bursts at 100% maximum effort – like skip, cycle, swim, run, jump as hard and fast as you can. Then rest with passive movement until your heart rate returns to 90 BPM or less. (assumes below 70 bpm resting). Then, burst again. Do this for ten minutes. (if recovery is slow this can mean only one burst but that’s ok because done daily this process will evolve your health amazingly. So, you need “A Garmin” heart rate monitor and GPD/ Timer. (there are cheaper ones but this is the brand I like). Each exercise you do in the Hour of Power needs its own “Garmin” to monitor and feedback quality control.

5. Come Away Ready. At the end of your session you can do the following three point check. Am I Balanced, Centred, Calm? If the answer is yes, then make it the last time you contemplate how you’re feeling and get on with making others feel good.

6. Do it regardless. I trick myself sometimes and defer my Power Hour for later. Later rarely comes. So, instead I usually get up, get down on my yoga mat and start almost straight away. Usually within a few minutes it’s so comfortable I don’t even think about deferring it.

7. Enjoy the Hour. There is only one reason to do the hour of power and about 20 million not to. So, the simple reason to do it has to be strong. It’s your time, enjoy it. That’s reason enough.

8. Challenge Yourself. See if you can do a string of unbroken days of power hours. Even if the hour is ten minutes….

9. Bounce out. If the dog licks you, cat purs, the kids jump on your head or breakfast is ready, just jump out with joy and go do whatever. Holding rigid to a schedule or trying to make something happen is a pure waste of energy. Just enjoy what is.

10. Overcome the daily ME, ME. The ultimate realisation of self help is that there’s no self to help. So, rather than consider yourself getting better or smarter, just try to create a self within that’s home, take no credit take no blame.

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