The aim of this book is to bring love, romance, happiness and abundance into your, real eve- ryday life. I want to share the understanding of natural law, and how we can live our life with beauty, romance and love. Nature doesn’t want unhappy people, no more struggle, confusion that’s not love. She wants to expand your heart and grow your love, until there’s heaven right here like high above. It begins and ends with the most wonderful foundation for success in any walk of life. Falling in love.

I want you to fall in love forever, to see stars and moons and heavens every night. I want your arms to fold around the heart of your lover, and feel the space in absolute delight. I want you to feel in love forever, like there’s no tomorrow or yesterday or today. Let you love become a moonbeam to forever, and let dreams be dreams all day.

By Chris Walker

Chris Walker is CEO and Founder of Innerwealth Technologies. Adventurer, Life Coach, Management Consultant and Author Chris inspires change.

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