Experience is an expensive teacher.

A hospital, divorce or the loss of self-respect are even more ex- pensive. I know, because that’s how I learned most of what I now know.

I didn’t have bad luck. I was just too driven to hear the warning signals, too obsessed with work and play to see that I was on a roller coaster of my own making. Eventually the wheels fell off and I was given the lucky break to be able to rebuild my shattered reality and get back on the bike.

I’m a free spirited entrepreneur. I love helping people, and I do this now and my full time life. But it wasn’t always this way. I banged into walls, hurt myself, hurt others, made stupid and un- necessary mistakes and then got back to life by learning from every single blunder I made. I mean, that’s the benefit of these almost life shattering calamities we create, we can learn.

The key to it was to stop blaming the world, people, luck, the stars, my karma and whatever else I could find to distance myself from reality. In its place, I put nature.

And that’s the story I’d love to share here. How, using nature as a guide I got back on the path, found the beauty of life, soothed my aching heart, ran marathons, climbed hills in the Himalayas and met some extraordinary people. Every step is an opportunity. All I had to do was learn to take those steps in the right direction.

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