The Power Hour

How is it possible to do everything one needs to do to preserve our humanity and yet mix it in real time with business, sport, home and getting around?

How can we remain vital and inspired in just one hour a day spread in 6 short increments between wake and sleep?

  1. Quality control on the cause of ill health, stress and failure… we call this red flagging and it involves appointing 7 red flag carriers to signal to you if any of your red flag losing the plot triggers become apparent. This system works because it generates permission, early intervention and healthy self monitoring. Waiting until the situation becomes dire is not an warning.
  2.  Learning how to self-life coach. This is a key because the role of your life coach might be mistakenly to point out your faults and you may be on the same trail. This is not good coaching. Good coaching is pointing out what you’re doing right and encouraging more of it. Given there’s just so many hours in the day, the more you do that you do well, the less you do that’s not.41669509_l
  3. Finally, it’s easy. The key to sustainable self leadership is that it must have room to play and yet, it’s a passage and we don’t want cherry picking. So, I made the power hour super fun, thrilling and, most importantly, rewarding.Back on Track Workbook Part 11


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