What you think and thank about, you bring about!

The subconscious mind and the conscious mind wander to the nearest watering hole. They are easily distracted by the four substitutes for joy. Food and substance, greed, sex and spirituality. To keep your mind on your success you will need to repeat the mantra of your success, your objectives to yourself daily, sometimes hourly. There are always excuses, always side tracks, always easier things to do. But when we work on low priorities we sabotage our self worth, and our self worth builds our real worth. Create and hold focus on your mission and avoid those things that distract your mind, like, for example, a spirituality that does not build your success.


The Soul thinks in pictures. Subliminal messages can reach deep. It is wise to feel some connection to your soul in your mission for success. Otherwise it can become a taunt of your ego. To stay connected to your soul, stay thankful for your life and this in turn will keep images of your success clear in your mind’s eye. These visualisations of the future are not painted by effort, they come like visions of the future and disappear when we are disconnected to our soul. Connecting to our soul can make and break our success. Contrary to popular opinion there is no morality or ethics involved in soul connection as some religious and social commentators might want you to think. All are worthy, all can be successful, there is no moral or social construct for this. However, guilt, fear, anger, greed, hate, judgement all block the soul’s messages and therefore erase pictures of the future. Stay connected to your soul through gratitude for what is, and through higher emotional awareness. Focus your two eyes toward the inner eye in order to see soul images. Visualise your dreams. Three times a day is great. See in your mind’s eye their fulfilment. See yourself in a picture where your dreams are already being lived. What you see is what you get. Stretch your vision. Your vision is the spark from which your actions make the inferno. Visualise and focus on your dreams. Exclude all other interests from your mind.  Whatever you consistently see in your mind’s eye, germinates, grows and manifests into reality. Clearly focusing your mind’s picture define ever finer detail so as to become present with the image. “Vividness brings vitality. To bring anything into your life, Imagine that it’s already there.”

Speak Success.

Every word that comes from your lips and passes through your mind either builds or destroys success. Criticism, negativity, anger, judgement, in fact all opinions of others destroy success. Do not speak ill of even the worst of humanity because this sets up the duality of ego righteousness within you and becomes a real block to success. If that person is so bad, we are inferring that we are so good. It is a bipolar position that, ultimately sets up the separation between conscious and subconscious mind. Be ambivalent to others rather than attracted and repelled. Speak words of encouragement. Acknowledge effort. What you appreciate grows.

Initiative and drive toward an articulated goal

  • The patience of a tiger
  • Physical and mental flexibility
  • Focussed tenacity
  • Superb stress management skills
  • Unquestioned enthusiasm
  • Absolutely clear mind
  • Capacity to handle intense pressure
  • A powerful team spirit
  • A willingness to promote a personal profile
  • Ethics and standards that are beyond reproach
  • Print, your Purpose Statement, Your Love List, Your affirmations (Words of Power) Print out hard copies of each and place them strategically in your environment.
  • Create a Cd or Mp3 of your purpose, love list, and affirmations. Listen twice a day.
  • Act on the four top priorities to help by create your success. Dump and delegate all else.
  • Be buoyant in your day.
  • Fill your subconscious mind with your dreams.
  • Link your dreams to all areas of your life Relationship, career, health, wealth, social life, mind, and spirituality (your ethics)


Inject thoughts into your subliminal mind as a billboard would. Instead of being prone to the ambient distractions and uncertainties of life, fill your subconscious with words of power, words of success. Do use words in the present tense, not future or past. Use words that describe realities that are possible. Avoid absolute statements such as always and never. Use words implying a balance between  positive and negative experiences. Use simple words, song lyrics or poems of your own making, constructed in brief phrases. Use words that give you feelings of love and inspiration. Use words you are willing to say to yourself for life. Use words you can link to your favourite sensory experiences like: scent, taste, touch, sight and sound. Such as: “I hear the sounds of my kayak rushing past the perfect mirror surface of the oceans.”

Conviction. Create your 7 codes of conduct. These are statements of intent. They are not measures of success. They are your process. And they are spoken in the present even if, they are not believable right now. If you wait to see it to believe it you will wait a lifetime. Create these words of conviction such as: “I make my guitar sing. It sings with music that opens heart of billions of people. I play throughout the world. I earn the millions. I share the millions with those in need. I change the lives of those who need it. My music heals.”


The Soul never thinks without a picture.”.

Chris “Super Hero” Walker

Love is LIfe

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