Total Human Awareness

For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to work, including their heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, means we need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.” 

Walker Seven Elements of Life Score Card

The most interesting aspect of this is the contradiction this quite obvious awareness has to how we manage ourselves and others for mental health, resilience and inspiration at work.

Classical business training will assume that if you are happy at work then you go home happy. This is a very large oversimplification and it comes from incomplete studies.

If you are elated at work and you’ve had a totally amazing day, you are on a high, something or someone must, by the laws of nature and human experience, bring you back to earth.

If you walk in the door of your home down, your partner or children may try to cheer you up.

What many do not study or realise is that most domestic disputes and to some degree violence, comes from the opposite. When one person walks in the door on a high, their partner may become the balancing act and bring them down. People resent this but it’s just a natural part of life.

In healthy self leadership we do not walk in the door of the home elated or depressed, we do process before we arrive, actually before we leave the office to make sure we leave in a state of balance. We choose to be balanced in each area of life, rather than balanced by each area of life. It’s the death of work/life balance.

this image represents bad self leadership. It is the exact image of work life balance and it loads far too much on life to balance work.

In this image we see the oscillation of emotion. No different to that of a tree in the wind or the tides/


The longer the string the greater the oscillation of emotion. Emotions are what exhaust people at work and we’re keen to help individuals manage those emotions for maximum effect and minimum energy waste.

The model of emotion looks like this

Chris Walker Consciousness Cone

So in business our motto is

“Coach em up or out”

This is a healthy model. Those at the bottom of the pyramid make the most noise, sometimes they even make the most sales but they cannot sustain it and they require high overhead in management cost. They need supervision.

In contrast, those at the top are inspired, self managed. They are not driven by compelling emotions.

The training and teaching around moving from motivation to inspiration in business is profound and transformational.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me as noted below.

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