I take my clients to Nepal for coaching, but not everyone has the time. So we go sailing, bike riding, walking, swimming, fishing, kayaking and more.

Getting people outdoors for life coaching is unique and important. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be done in a park or a river, it is as easy as a five minute walk away from the demands of business.

People are different in nature and my exclusive process provides amazing benefits. Nature is a biophilic healer and the time in itself is crucial to mind body health, but more than this, getting out and about in nature taps into that unique visionary side of our DNA and brings the best of us to life.

I’ve lived in nature most of my life. I see the impact of ubanisation on people. I see the hard working super committed individual go downhill simply because they are boxed into a framework of home, gym, run, work, family, car, plane, bedroon, cafe and sleep. Biophilia has no chance amongst this urban jungle and people suffer. So, it’s my commitment to share a coaching process that’s outdoor.

During these outdoor coaching sessions, my aim is to share the tools that you can use to create change in your own life and the lives of others. Innerwealth is a life changing process. It is unique and based on the Universal Principles. It solves problems, creates solutions, deals with Cause and effect and is a curriculum of the mysteries. Based in the real world it aims to provide you with the tools to make change that is helpful, conscious and permanent.

Certification training program code of ethics

As a professionally trained facilitator of Innerwealth Technologies, I would love to inform you in advance that I do not treat disease, prescribe drugs, provide therapy or solve legal problems. Therefore, I am not here to take the place of your doctor, therapist, or lawyer. I am simply here to offer you a new and more profound way of looking at your life. I will provide you with a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that can help you create significant changes in your attitude to, and actions in, life. I am also here to help you learn how to change any stressful situation you might encounter into a blissful condition, or experience. The result will be that you will learn how to experience more moments of love, gratitude, certainty and presence in your life. You will learn how to act from a greater state of purpose, wisdom, maturity and poise.

Innerwealth Coach Facilitator Training For:

• Depression resolution
• Chronic Fatigue management • Asthma
• Suicide
• Heart break
• Mental breakdown
• Legal disputation
• Domestic Violence

• Stress in the workplace
• Death and Disability
• Negotiation and reconciliation • Arbitration
• Weight management
• Trauma counseling
• Vision and Life purpose


On completion of this training you will have become adept at the Innerwealth Process and will have created your own hybrid REALSpirit seminar. As every individual is unique the seminar they run should also be unique. What you have come to master in life will determine the audience you attract to your work.

Hence the REAL Spirit Certification training program is founded in the principle of self mastery before other mastery. In other words you will be expected in this training to prove the application of the tools and technology of REAL through application on self.

Innerwealth is the most profound yet simplest distillation of the concepts of human consciousness and the human psyche. Profound because it has been the search of so many over the centuries and simple because it is steeped in five basic principles –all of which are reflected in nature.

The application of Innerwealth work on consciousness is transformative. Consultants trained in this work have spent years in testing and experimentation, studying the concepts and applying them to all walks of life. They operate outside the square –they are not hampered by an attachment to any one dogma and are therefore free to apply this work without restraint.

The result is that whatever circumstance presents itself to you, you are able to seek and find order. This is no religious or even spiritual paradigm but a simple and real way of evolving, moving through personal challenge and growing as a conscious human.

The Principles

Innerwealth Principles remain the most solid and truthful foundation of consciousness available on earth. There are more complex theories and certainly more sophisticated ones too. There are the thousands of years of Yoga and Psychology, there are tens of thousands of books written to explore the human psychi – but none has distilled the work of human consciousness like Innerwealth to open it to business, healing, global awareness, community change, conflict and self development. This is the key.

A summary of the Uniqueness Innerwealth Consulting Technology

  1. The notion of Universal principles.. They have been prostituted and distorted by those of lesser consciousness for centuries, even now people trying to gain some competitive or deceptive edge –but it is not possible for all such corruption is just an emotion –a blip on the horizon of the great truth. that lives within all hearts. Just as a part of something is truly worthless without the whole –so they are doomed to mimic and pilfer. Innerwealth offers these truths through deep profound reflection. Transparent knowledge is knowledge that is mirrored by nature herself and needs none of the interpretation of the many magicians and neophytes of the world.
  2. The notion of consciousness. And while so many infatuate with the hippie derivative of new age science I have cut this to the core. The pain of the world is now mostly caused by new age science –religion and the distortion of hope into fabrication and organization.. Yoga teachers prostitute Yoga teaching to new age gymnasiums and preach their own form of illusion, meditators emanating from India have little or no idea of the consequences of their manipulation and personalisation of ancient teachings –they are at the core of so much distortion and abuse. They are equaled only by those so called religious teachers whose primary aim is membership of their fellowship, the goodness of mankind is lost in this, Innerwealth has unbundled the great teachings and taken away their myth. As one student in my retreat last week said, Chris, I already know in my heart everything you have said, I just didn’t understand it. Simplicity is the power
  3. While leaders throughout the world create factions between culture, religion and race Innerwealth creates division through consciousness. I acknowledge –not by skin color, wealth or so called heritage, that people are different, but they are different in consciousness, nothing more. The unconscious are the fundamentalist whose resistance and fight for their doctrine stupefies those who really seek. I believe that there is an amazing evolution taking place –that people of higher consciousness are emerging throughout our societies and as they do the 2000 year long dark age righteousness will be confronted. We are seeing it now. Innerwealth does not heal or consult to make things right, this is the tedium of born again fundamentalism. Innerwealth helps people evolve in consciousness and by so doing shifts the patterns and habits that have imprisoned individuals, communities and nations.
  4. There is an inevitability about this work. It is based on ancient principle which cannot be distorted or fragmented by the greedy. The work of InnerWealth is bound by its integrity to the ancient masters of past millennium and I am a student of that lineage. Although, by it’s simplicity it appears to understate the power it is that very simplicity and all encompassing magnificence of this picture that should break though the cold and lost hearts of those who fear the truth, and awaken that which already exists… Never underestimate the power of the whole truth. It places love back in one puzzle and reveals through simplicity the mastery . To those whose vanguard it is to hold people in disempower organized masses of unconsciousness Innerwealth is their greatest fear. But it is unstoppable.
  5. Do not underestimate the power that has been placed by creation into your personal heart, mind and hands. This work, the laws of nature, the healing power of gratitude and love, the consciousness of Innerwealth will transform the way people think. It will be ridiculed then incorporated as it is already into books and teachings by others who really know nothing more that the language, the sales talk and the rub. They have no idea of the depth. They are still in the unconscious mass trying to fix things. And once you have learned this work, should you choose to abandon this gift that has been drawn to you, then it is beyond your human capacity to do so. You have been blessed to see the creation, to touch truth and to be awakened to love that the majority cannot even imagine, there is no place to go back to. I wish you courage.

A twelve month training program designed for certification and licensing of the Innerwealth Personal Development program — Includes; Attendance at the complete Innerwealth Curriculum, two REALSpirit programs, 12 written collapses and an ongoing commitment to an annual development agreement and training.

An Innerwealth Consultant can be defined as a person who has chosen to break the mould, follow their passion and live from their heart. It’s no easy road. It requires a clarity of vision, an ability to inspire others, it requires a depth of certainty beyond willpower, but most of all it requires a powerful, heart driven dream.

  • 4 days of Training including special sessions with Christopher Walker, B.E, M.B.A founder and originator of the Destiny School of Consciousness and the Real Spirit Program.
  • A unique Training Certification Program developed for those interested in becoming authorised instructors or facilitators of Innerwealth Consulting Programs
  • International recognition and association with The School of Consciousness.
  • Expansive opportunity for application in over 100 different areas including healing, business, relationship, law, negotiation, leadership and investment.
  • Access to a vast resource of knowledge and support through trainers networks and internet chat groups providing ongoing development and learning
  • Idealpositioningformasteryofnewtechnologythatistobemainstreamdemandthefuture.

Certification Training Program

Program Content

We begin the deep exploration of Universal Laws and applying these to self and others. You will have the opportunity to experience the process in action and apply it in depth to any situation you choose. In this special program you will learn the process of mastering your emotions, acknowledging your heart-driven vision, becoming more present with people, and improving your leadership skills. You will transform any stress or worry into empowered action. In addition you can learn, experience and apply the Collapse Process, an amazing and transformational system to help you stay on track. You emerge with vitality, purpose and inspiration – ready to move and live the life you choose.

• Universal Laws of Nature
• The source and cause and cure for stress
• Understand the dynamics of relationships and Emotion
• The Collapse Process© A means of transforming judgment to Love • Health and Disease –Cause and Effect
• Life Mastery –why things happen and how to change them
• Consciousness –What it is and how to develop more of it
• Relationship, love and healing
• Business, growth and understanding

An introduction to the Universal Laws

What is spirituality and consciousness? What does it mean to you, how can you benefit from it? How can you live more in balance? In this program we introduce Innerwealth, the Collapse Process© and the Universal principles of nature. You will learn how to develop your spiritual awareness and therefore improve the quality and clarity of your life?

Innerwealth Training Program– The Core Principles

Live with Spirit Personal Balance Life Purpose

Innerwealth offers a new and more profound way of looking at life. It will provide you with a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that can help you help others. This Innerwealth Technology is also here to help you learn how to change any stressful situation you might encounter into a blissful condition, or experience. The result will be that you will learn how to create more moments of love, gratitude, certainty and presence for others. You will learn how to act from a greater state of purpose, wisdom, maturity and poise.

Innerwealth is renowned for it’s journey as a deep and intensive exploration of the self. It is a time to bring one back to centre and reconnect with the spiritual self. There is a strong emphasis on developing personal balance, inner wisdom and calm. The key features of these programs include clear thinking and decision making, understanding the laws of nature, opening the heart, and discerning between illusion and reality. Shake up old patterns and structures that may not be working for you anymore and start anew. Discover and apply the tools to sustain vitality in all areas of your life and well-being.


Innerwealth Programs have been described as the best programs of their type in the world. Designed by Christopher Walker and presented by an internationally qualified facilitator, they offer radical new awareness in Personal Mastery and the Power of the Human Spirit. Ancient teachings combine with modern awareness to create inspirational new self and other management technology.

The programs you will teach are highly interactive, providing the opportunity to investigate, experience, learn and apply these unique and powerful tools (including the Collapse Process©). The activities are designed to engage the mind, body and spirit, to break with old habits and limitations and to help you realize your complete potential.

Innerwealth Consulting offers a fast, no fuss method of resolving uncertainty, eliminating negative states of mind, resolving conflicts both in and out of the home, and is an accurate and effective means of transforming stress into productive vitality. Using this heart opening science you will help people to gain deep insight into their life purpose, vision and personal inspiration. Your clients will own more of the power, joy and heart driven inspiration many people talk about but never find.

Innerwealth Consulting Results

• Brings more heart and soul-into home and work place
• Adds greater spirit to life
• Provides distinct leadership advantages
• Links head and heart together, bringing mind and heart into a joint venture • Provides true love which powers up your whole system

• Eliminates feelings of blame and victimization which disempower
• Provides continuity between intuition and intelligence
• Provides the most powerful means for shifting states of consciousness • Increases the quality of life
• Builds confidence and magnetism
• Allows deeper levels of love
• Provides greater health
• Provides new creative insights and perspectives
• Allows greater intuition and inspiration
• Neutralizes blocked emotions
• Dissolves protective shells around your heart
• Improves cardiovascular function
• Provides greater energy and vitality
• Acts as your battery booster
• Clarifies mental distractions
• Improves immune system functions
• Encourages within true and balanced caring
• Changes self-defeating behaviours into ones building greater self-worth • Revitalizes bored or burned-out relationships
• Transforms worry, anxiety and guilt into healthy * productive actions
• Heightens moral courage
• Increases mental effectiveness
• Rebalances emotional imbalances
• Harmonizes energies
• Transforms energy draining judgments
• Clarifies confusions
• Enhances interpersonal communications
• Awakens inner motivation
• Improves financial security and self-worth
• Inspires to have greater overall appreciation for life

Innerwealth- Training Certification Requirements:

  1. Attend The Real Spirit Program as a new attendee.
  2. Attend The Real Spirit Program as a refresher two additional times.
  3. Attend one Destiny Retreat
  4. Complete the reading list
  5. Attend the Annual Innerwealth Program Certification Training Program
  6. Submit a four page typed research paper (topic selection authorised by Chris Walker)
  7. Facilitate a minimum of five (5), Self Programs with a minimum of 5 people per session. This is where you, the trainee, take 3+ people in a group session completely through the Universal Laws of Nature and the Collapse Process.
  8. Complete and submit 13 written personal Collapses including one completed on Christopher Walker, by email
  9. Complete and submit 1 written Collapse on yourself.
  10. Annual attendance at Destiny – TTT Certification Training Program.
  11. To complete the required reading as outlined at the Annual Certification Training Program.
  12. To complete the required audio listening outlined at the Annual Certification Training Program.
  13. To complete the required viewing outlined at the Annual Certification Training Program.
  14. To maintain ‘current status’ on the monthly financial licensing agreement.
  15. To maintain a high standard of excellence in loving service providing.

Real Spirit, Innerwealth, Destiny all oral, or written information, diagrams, or technologies found within The Destiny School of Consciousness have been Copyrighted and Trade Marked by Christopher Walker.

Hermetic Teaching

Innerwealth Technologies are based on the most ancient teaching available to human kind. Steeped in pre modern truth they unveil the myths that often hold us stuck and in convention. For those who are ready no words are necessary, for those who are not, no words are possible.

Yoga Ashtanga

Daily practice, adjustments, your new yoga mat and specific tuition. Body mind Balance. Control over energy systems. Less waste more life. Power breathing for personal balance. Body Mind Language. Great health, loose weight, banish addictions. Laws of Life.. Learning to live in Balance. The 7 Chakras. Relaxation and mediation tools Yoga can help you to develop a greater mastery of the energy of life. As a student of the mysteries your health and that of your clients is a vital part of life change. Understanding the principles goes a long way to the development of a deeper gift for change management.

Ayurveda – Medical Science – Human Wellbeing

Over 3000 years old the science of Ayurvedic Medicine has evolved form the great teachers of ancient Yoga. The secrets of Body mind awareness, your personal Dosha, body type life style and healing are all covered in this exception element of the program. Consultations by Rama are also included in the program.

East Meets West

The deepest awareness and respect for the best of both worlds means a wonderful opportunity to honour diversity, to interconnect with others yet respect the divergence in method and approach. Ancient and modern meet in a merging of ways for inner calm and awareness.

Indigenous Respect

Honouring traditions from all nations. Valuing our roots, reflecting on great wisdom we invite elders and native peoples to share and teach us the ways of living life in tune with nature and therefore spirit. Local Shaman and Priest will be invited to address the group on our one day excursion to Ubud.

Vision, Inspiration and life Purpose.

Vision is a powerful goal and an essential motivator. Inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices. Life purpose is beyond them both. Life purpose is a commitment to excellence and a commitment to a purpose greater than the self. Instead of the fluctuations of transient goals and visions, life purpose creates a transportable theme for a life. Life purpose breaks dependency and provides the true freedom that every individual aspires to.

The Discard Process

The Discard Process is the newest methodology in achieving lasting and loving presence. It allows people to make quantum leaps in quantum time. You’ll become more magnetic, less stressed and healthier. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming stress into grateful states of love and vitality. The term Discard was extracted from the study of quantum physics. It represents a process of synthesis, where and when two appositely charged human emotions come together, join, transform, transcend and emerge as new forms of energy. – vitality, purpose and love.” Created by Dr John Demartini, of the Concourse of Wisdom this powerful tool is at the core of Innerwealth Consulting.

Personal Change

Personal Change is initiated and implemented through the willingness to do something different and step outside the square. Innerwealth Program provides the catalyst for self-development and subsequent personal change. Now with technology placing extremely high demands on human potential, Innerwealth can become an essential part of your daily regime to maintain long term quality of life and remain inspired. It is an opportunity for growth. Change and growth are essential today, and Innerwealth is one of the prime building blocks for that process.

Program Design

• To explore the differences between “teaching oriented” and “learning oriented” • To create personal models of adult learning
• To clarify approaches to learning that are conversational and personal
• To practice a variety of interactive learning techniques

• To assess intervention styles and approaches
• To clarify and strategize common group issues
• To design process interventions – customising to fit the group and the outcome sought • To practice facilitating custom designs and receiving feedback
• To create learning statements and professional trainer goals
• To demonstrate a value towards the purpose and impact of training
• To enhance presence and balance while working with groups

Most Asked Questions

Do I need to finish the training?

Some people attend the training program for their own personal benefit. They are inspired to undertake this work and are not always interested in Certification. There is no problem with this provided the work is not used, onsold or misrepresented by uncertified and unlicenced people.

Can I hand in the homework, the Discard and written
work after the actual TTT workshop?

Yes. The TTT workshop can be done before you complete the homework and study guide. Certification and licensing will not be given until the home work is complete however.

Certification –What does it mean?

There are no legal stipulations in respect of certification of Innerwealth Consultants. Your certification means an endorsement by us, technical and emotional support and the ongoing development of your skill. As you will be aware – the learning process is evolutionary.

We have invested in web site, books, tapes, brochures and many other products to support your development.

Innerwealth is one of 35 books written by Chris on Self-Leadership, Human Consciousness and Life Balance. Innerwealth is a total personal development book written for business people who want performance within the context of a balanced life. Best selling and now 3rd Edition.