People feel what you think.


If you throw a pebble into a pond you see the ripples radiate out beautifully. Those ripples go in all directions and after a while you can’t follow all those directions 360 degree. But you can imagine a radio tower sending out a signal to serve telephone systems or a satellite connecting. Those beacons radiate signals in all directions and are available for people within the reach of the signal. Signal strength gets weaker over distance and around obstacles, but it still travels. Thoughts travel through walls and many people are so caught up communicating by screen and phone and internet to realise that this communication is only a technological imitation of what we do automatically. In fact, a monk may spend a lifetime practicing thought transference and transmission, without anyone knowing it. Leaders and lovers do the same. When i first met my ex partner I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She felt it. She knew it even if I never said a word she knew it. And when we spoke, my feelings seeped through my words, under my words, even my texts will filled with that energy. After a time of living together I wasn’t so enthusiastic because there was a lot of familiarity and comfort. She also felt it and she grieved it. I thought it was her that changed but it was truly my thoughts, they were just not as enthusiastic. Whether i was bored or simply moving in another direction, in the end I had to see that it was me. My radio signal had grown weak. And in business we have the same when we are worried, tired, judgemental, frustrated, angry and we hide it but everyone feels it. One of my clients got rejected from a good job. I asked her “why did you cause that?” Same thing, we are receiving and broadcasting systems. This is why Self-Leadership is so important. Beyond Selfish, it is absolutely Essential.


When someone speaks, thinks, or feels either badly or thankfully for another person, it reaches the spirit of that person, consciously or unconsciously.  This is the power of vibration.  If we happen to be offended with someone and do not state it in speech or action, it still cannot be hidden and is revealed in the vibration of the thought.  The vibrations of feeling will reach directly to the person in question, and they will begin to feel them no matter how faraway they may be.  The same occurs with love and pleasure.  Even the collective consciousness of those in the world is not impervious to the vibration of thought.  Much can change through the vibration of a tragic newspaper, or television as it can with the effects of positive music.  Every individual can, therefore, acknowledge their role in a greater manifestation of their lives, and of those around them. This is an essential knowledge for leadership and relationship. The exercise I recommend that works for me 100% of the time is the LUCKYFKR. This state of mind is by far the most powerful. No matter what happens rain, hail or shine, I say “Luckyfkr” not only to myself but toward others who might be thinking life is hell, but I know they are lucky because they are, through suffering, being guided to love and joy through the blockages of their own beliefs. Evolving.

I only have one life regret. That is the time and energy I spent letting go of something or someone. The future was always better. Crying and flapping just delayed it. The secret to this thought process is detachment. When needed, like when there are tears, it is important. You can jump in your imaginary helicopter any time, rise up above a circumstance and see the balance in it. That’s just half the process. You also have to find gratitude, thankfulness in order to create harmony. Turning negative to positive energy. There’s good news and there’s bad news and being attached to either is disharmony. We know that feelings and emotions are important but we can, if we choose, change them. In five fast steps you can shift an emotion and therefore avoid negativity.


If you don’t like what you see in the world, change the prescription of your glasses.

Keeping the world in context. With a small picture mentality we can get so easily stressed over small things because we lose the perspective. With lost perspective, we get a very turbulent based perspective on life and that starts to run our inner being. We need to acknowledge that we live in the lap of luxury.  Even if we’re not earning as much as we thought we should or generating as well as we could, we need to be putting it in context. If we look at our circumstances tangibly then we are a prisoner to our own worries and fears. This makes us very sensitive, hyper reactive and confused. To solve this riddle, we need, what we called previously, the helicopter view, the ability to see things from a very very long distance away. That view, no matter how disastrous the situation takes the personal ego out and replaces it with the leader’s perspective. In other words, the order in the chaos. There are only five universal laws and it’s wise today to write them down and check them with me. Anything that passes the universal laws test, is the true view, and will not engage an emotion. You can use this at home, in sport or at work. The universal laws are a different story. A beautiful story.

There are a million different moral and ethical codes by which to live. Yours is just one of them. None are universal although everyone thinks their watch tells the right time. This is the human condition. The more self-righteous we are the harder it is to reframe circumstances because we get stuck in polarity. It’s confusing but there are two worlds. One of the emotions (right and wrong) and one of the heart (balance). The way you look at things changes depending on whose glasses you look through. You can change your glasses. You can change your perspective. It depends on what you want to see. Do you want to see a beautiful world filled with love or a troubled world that is not conforming to your hopes? This is all depending on your choice of perspective.

Today, Study the laws of nature, and go see them in practice firstly in nature and then in people and then in the world.


True leadership and abundance in life is to see that we are not separate. To know this you must practice it in small things. Small things, situations are important. For example: your partner (work and home) will reflect back to you the truth. For example, you might say, “my partner doesn’t like my work” but is this true or is your partner just balancing your attachment to your work. If you start attaching to your work and your ego gets involved, then, there’s a balance side to this. If one part of you is attached the other side, completely subconscious, will be doing detach. Your partner just represents this subconscious balance. True compassion is to see yourself in everyone. Whether they lie or cheat or steal, it is just you in a different form. Everyone has every trait.

When people don’t enjoy doing something they sabotage it. It’s wise to find ways to enjoy what you do, no matter what the circumstance. to do this you’ll need to think abundantly.

If you don’t, you may suffer mental and emotional illness and in extreme cases, physical. Telephone sales people burn out quickly. They get paid on success so they get so dejected from rejection that their energy just burns out and they can easily start to self sabotage speaking in a dejected, repelling tone. That phone sales job is hard because of the amount of rejection a person faces. A typical sales person on the telephone gets rejected 99 times out of 100. Around one in one hundred positive responses. In other words rejection 99% of the time. So, w came up with a calculator.  It counted down from 100. Each rejection became one call closer to a success. So, the mission of the sales person was to get rejected at least 99 times per hour. She turned a negative, going away from the station situation that sucked energy, into a brilliant coming toward the station, building energy. Each person had a “rejectometer” that was now a “successometer”. A victory was the most rejections and, sure enough, around 100 there were wins. Each win meant the meter went back to zero. Brilliant stuff. How can you turn your rejections into wins?

Before you even speak people have an opinion. It’s wise to make that opinion your responsibility so you don’t create yet another hurdle to cross to communicate as a leader.

Chris “Branson” Walker

Thoughts travel through walls

where no words can pass.

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