Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness.

As our culture evolves into this current era, we suffer the separation from having worked with the land, understanding nature’s rhythm and a dependency on nature for her sustenance. As we modernise, we have moved away from that harmony. The outer world has risen and taken precedence in our life, we look for solutions instead of awareness. We can all benefit from a more honest and deeper approach to life.

If we can re connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the evolution of humanity, we will be able to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer harmony.

Chris with Tibetan doctor (Amji) from Namche Bazaar Nepal doing the rounds of villages

To un-stress a person you can simply get outdoors and far away (at least 10 meters) from a mobile phone. Forest bathing, for example, is simply walking through the woods.

My specialisation is human change and nothing impacts the human condition more than being in nature. It is however important to define “being” in nature rather than running past it.

Being in nature takes a bit of a slow down. That means to smell the roses, or swamps, depending on where you are and then taking in sights and sounds. In the paper “the ecconomics of biophilia” there is much to say about it as well as any work by “A o Wilson” on biophilia.

I am both keen to get people into nature but also bring them back with nature in their heart by sharing the inspiration of nature in the five universal laws of nature. Then, even in the boardroom, 50 floors above the forest, nature’s realism and beauty is preserved.