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How Do I Do An Innerwealth Vision Quest To Help Me Master Stress

Lack of a great vision in life, usually the result of achievement, can bring us down to a low level of personal reaction, a level of lower minded reflex that can blow us out of the water when we could be making progress. Here’s some fun in the sun to

Future Seeing – Tapping into “The Ocean of Innovation”

Give me an eye into the future and I will have all the balance, centred and calm living that can be imagined by any monk, athlete and leader. – CHRIS WALKER By now in this exploration of the third layer of mind you will know the following: All human eyes

Prevention is 1/10th the cost of Cure… So coaching must, to be effective, support and challenge you to prevent what you don’t want. In other words you’ll like it and dislike it.

Motivating yourself to do stuff can be a total bummer and nobody knows it better than me. I’m totally motivated to do my high priority tasks and love it, like writing blogs, doing podcasts, coaching clients and kissing my partner. But there are a few things, like swimming in cold

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