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In 30 days I will share with you the knowledge and application of nature's universal laws.

In 30 days I will share with you the knowledge and application of nature’s universal laws. Nature’s Universal Laws The Power of Love in every soul! In the area of love, relationship and human spirituality, no insight is better and more respected than The Universal Laws of Nature. For more

Nature Up Book Series #2 – Beyond Marriage

What is the secret to a long happy marriage? In this little booklet, I explore the answer from nature’s point of view.

Living between Earth and sky

We human beings live between the two realities of earth and sky. Earth stands for all that is practical, material, tangible and incarnate. It is the material world. We learn about it through living a life of discovery and observation. We experience this world and its knowledge through the vast

Inspiration is Real and It’s What Anyone Who’s Experienced Real Life Understands. It’s not an emotion.

Inspiration is not an emotion.Emotions come from all different parts of the brain. If information is received in certain parts of the brain, emotions are triggered. A loud noise, a beautiful sunset, a nice perfume, a bad taste, touching smooth skin, these all go to certain parts of the brain

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