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Being a positive enabler, ask why this person cannot proceed without you. If the answer is material, lend a hand. If it’s emotional, be careful.

To help somebody to do something they could not do without you. It can be good and bad. To allow a friend to drink themselves to death is enabler. To help someone do something they dream about is an enabler. To help a friend out of trouble is an enabler.

Make Your Success in Life and Work Really Count For Something…

We live in revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships is changing drastically. Our capacity to feed and house ourselves, to live healthy and

Personal and Business Coaching

WHAT YOU LEARN Session 1. Your True Nature The Universal Laws of Nature Choosing your Mood – Organising your work Body, Mind and Emotion and how they co-operate or not… Looking after yourself – Which self was that? Good management for self and others Dealing with your stress so you

Be Inspired (by nature)

Your true nature is inspired. Being connected to nature is a vital part of your relationship with your own true nature – being inspired.  A human being can never be greater than nature. All religions are humble to nature. If nature chooses to turn left, the entire universe turns too.

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