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When my father came back from the war, he got a job for about $4 a week. (in those days it was quite good pay). He put $1 a week into an insurance policy for us three kids just in case something went wrong. It did go wrong. And when


Whether you are mountain climbing, playing with the children, running a triathlon or doing the gardening at home, Self-Leadership at work and outside work is the same. The better you are at it, the more you’ll get done and in less time. To ask “how do I get more done


What we judge we breed attract or become Chris Walker Staying inspired is essential for collaboration. Once the ego has kicked in, you’ll be dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to justify yourself. Nothing affects the quality of life of an individual more than a

How to Raise Your Lovability Score

Stop the Fighting In Family and Relationships

There are not two sides to everything. An apple is an apple. That is truth. But human beings have 5 senses, they, the senses, can only understand and enjoy to eat an apple if they polarise the apple into good or not. Eyes see good or bad, nose smells good

Walker Spirit

Thirty years ago the bottom fell out of my world. I lost my spirit. How did I know? Well for a start I felt tired, lethargic and unmotivated. Secondly – I couldn’t write s dream board. My dream board, up until that time included 3 children, mine, but from that

Rumi – The Core of Masculinity Translated by Chris Walker

Mental and emotional health, the two core elements of life satisfaction, are more easily achieved if you turn off the computer, get outside, sit under a tree and reconnect with nature. 99% of all the advice you get from friends who have done a few weeks of therapy or a

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