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Hard work is bad management

Who would promote a stressed, emotionally drained, worried, tired and hunched over in sadness individual? Only a cruel individual would add another KG to the back of an overloaded camel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes human nature and our ego get into a fight. The ego wants to be

People pleasing

People pleasing has a bad reputation. It seems when things go wrong we easily blame it for lost direction. But is it so wrong? Every entertainer does it. Every entrepreneur thrives on it. Every athlete can’t pay their bills unless they do it. A surgeon would end in jail if

Death and the Fear of it

It’s Sunday morning, 7am, I’m still in bed. It’s a rare thing, I’m usually up coaching someone or walking the beach doing podcasts, or at the least riding my bike. But today is different. The Taliban are attacking Afghanistan – again – America is pulling out – just like Vietnam

Television Appearance for Book Launch – Video down memory lane…


28 things you’ll need to do to come home from work with more energy than you started with….

#1. You can’t give what you haven’t got It seems completely ridiculous that I write this, but if we have nothing to give, we have nothing to give. If we’re not happy, we can’t make people happy. And most importantly for this blog, if we’re exhausted, burnt out, tired, we

Coaching to Inspire the Individual – 7 Reasons Why Learning Nature’s Universal Laws is Important to Corporate Growth

Reason 1. It Honours Diversity Everyone has an opinion about President Trump. And that’s great, the world needs unique individuals not clones. But I’ve spent most of my life studying cloned human development programmes such as Buddhism, Human Synergistic, Myer Briggs, Positive Thinking, Demartini Process, NLP, Ashtanga Yoga and more…

Being the very best version of yourself.

In business coaching everything comes back to you being the very best version of yourself. If this doesn’t happen, everything else turns to mud. Being the very best version of yourself requires a daily investment of focussed time and energy. It also requires that you catch any bugs and bees


“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Chris Walker All of us, but especially children, need confidence that others will love, affirm, and cherish us. Without that we can’t develop a sense of agency that will enable us to


For many years, our humanity has cared about the environment. Of course, the hunt for industrialisation and commerce has often over ridden that care, and we’ve made a huge mess in the air, water and land from the careless pursuit of a goal without consideration of the impact it may


For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated

The Neuroscience of Nature Mind and Health

Innerwealth Personal Mastery recommends business executives take a walk at lunch time in nature. It increases productivity, libido, wellbeing, raises the immune system and recuperates tired mind to enable a productive afternoon and warm homecoming at night. Here’s the science behind a bit of it. Neuroscientists have found that views

Innerwealth Slide Show for Audio

Why personal development is an essential investment in Self. I’ve scripted an audio for the slide show below. Download the pdf first then enjoy the listen. Podcast can be found on iTunes

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