A Party that changed my Life

Two years ago I was at a work Christmas party and I mentioned to my boss how miserable I truly was. My husband was an abusive drunk and my young children were traumatised. I was trying to do a great job at work and we could not survive the mortgage on his salary. He took trips to brothels and I saw the charges on the joint credit card. He lost his wedding ring three times, hiding it while in bars and forgetting to put it back on before coming home. I was a mess.

My boss was being coached by Chris for none of these issues. She was seeing him for business growth and career guidance but generously and lovingly she gave me his number. It feels like yesterday. That night, and my boss’ generosity changed my life

I am now a happy, financially independent super woman, single mum, owner of my Appartment, and having the best life with minimal stress in a pandemic environment. So, thank you to my ex boss, Chris and the stars that aligned to change my life.