The Hague Exec. Global Warming

Chris has been my life line. I have been working with him for the past 5 years and has taken me through some really tough challenges and hurdles. From the day I have met him he has looked directly into my soul. Someone – or maybe the only one – who really understands me. And from this place he has worked on developing me. When I look back I can’t believe how much has changed. I have become so much happier, healthier, a better mum, a better friend, a better employee, a better human-being. His work resulted in me becoming more focussed and more grounded. I’m not gonna lie: the coaching can be tough, very tough. And it can come from a angle you never even considered. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to him because he puts pressure and focus on areas I don’t want to go. I get angry and can feel threatened. But I have come to experience that overcoming these barriers is exactly what you need in order to progress. And Chris can – like no other – highlight which barriers you have to overcome next…. 

He has taught me how to become more relaxed, enjoy life more, feel more connected to myself and the people around me. I’m so grateful for how he has helped me to increase the quality of my life.