Executive Director

I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend last week’s session on Personal Mastery and Strategic Leadership led by Chris Walker. To be honest, I was completely unprepared for the experience. Though I had already heard about Chris and his work in area of  “breakthrough,” never did I imagine that a two-day session could have such a powerful and commanding effect on my life. The workshop itself was compelling and thought-provoking, but it was the  “one-on-one” collapse exercise with Chris, which I found especially liberating. I realized that we do have choices –  we can either invite  events in our lives to cripple us OR propel us forward. I realised that we are our worst enemies. And on a more personal level, I realized that I am the master of my destiny and that the only one holding me back from  achieving my dreams and my vision is me. I must admit though, the insights I gained have, in the process, opened the door to a closet of confusion. Over the last few days, I find myself questioning everything, including am I really doing what I was born to do.

I’m even questioning the vision that I had established for myself. But I suppose these questions are important. After all, if we don’t question  ourselves, our actions, motives, beliefs and values, we would wander through life aimlessly, walking the same routes, hitting the same pot holes, and not learning from the journey. I truly feel grateful and privileged for the experience and want to thank you (NAME WITHHELD)  for giving me the opportunity to participate and be part of the  Chris Walker experience.