Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Vancouver  

Good day to you where ever you are . Thank you again for a life long experience and process. I am now living the the experience -finally out of my head now into my being.

I know you had an excellent keynote in Vancouver two nights ago. I would like to experience more of your keynote addresses and get more familiar with your corporate package.

I would like you to please send to me the specific handouts for all the courses you have to offer. (as discussed) The videos at this time if not accessible are not important.

Speaking of Videos, I happened to be watching PBS last night, this is the Public Television Network in the US, and Wayne Dyer had his lecture tapes on for 2 hours. I have read all of Wayne’s books over the years and to be honest and not to get you too elated, I know and believe, what you present in your two and half day work shop cuts right to the core and gives such one a practical model and process to use in everyday life. I think that I have been intellectualizing all this spirituality material  for the past few years is because I read it and there was no practical way of actualizing. Having been through your process and workshops I now am able to actualise live and be on purpose. Not living others dreams and purposes but MY own . I have YOU to thank for coming into my life when I needed you and giving me this incredible gift.

I am very very grateful.  Thank you again!