RCMP Canada

Not sure when you will pick this up, but I wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for the brief period of time we spent yesterday (Wednesday) at RCMP/PWGSC.

I thoroughly enjoyed your fresh and innovative style, not to mention being a little excited about what you had to say.  I can only wish that I had been able to stay through until the end – whenever that may have

occurred. Unfortunately, without making prior arrangements I found myself in a GOT TO…  The good side, of course was that my dear wife wasn’t upset with me for not picking her up.  On the level of priorities, she rates very high!

I will be talking with my direct report  after Christmas and no doubt will find out if there are future plans to link up with you again.  I would like to be first on the list.  I am especially interested in discussing the “life purpose” aspects and “family vision”.  As one approaches the “end” of my “chosen career” – (the law says at 60 I must retire from the RCMP) – I believe it’s time to move on to something else.  My wife suggests – I can’t! Now, I’m not sure if she doesn’t want me underfoot (don’t know why-she’s working now) or if the HOW comes into play as she poses the questions what am I going to do with myself.

Thanks again.

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