Troy Jones – Entrepreneur, Film Maker

I’ve had the absolute privilege to spend around an hour a week with Chris Walker over the past 2 years.
The culture and structure of his coaching combines beautifully with extraordinary personal gentleness, experience and insight.  
He regularly guides me to (literal) jaw dropping moments of clarity, and then gently provides a supplementary path, with carefully considered steps that a lead to a new level of personal excellence – as if it was there all along.
His guidance and structure has directly helped me to make significant improvements in my life in a range of areas.
More importantly, he has helped me to understand myself, my story and my path – allowing me to identify and adapt hidden traits that were silently controlling my choices and my existence.
If you have the opportunity to discuss your plans, hopes or dreams with Chris, I urge you to make it happen.  You won’t ever regret it.