OCTOBER FEST #13 My favourite Cartoon sequence from Zootopia. Video

Please enjoy the video and sorry about the ads at the start. It’s YOUTUBE making their money.

When we get into the small game of life we think so much and so long we start to delay what we say just in case it’s not good. Spontaneity can go out the window and we become what is commonly called and can be seen in the video a sloth. Now a sloth is a beautiful creature don’t get me wrong and people who think and think and think and think and think are also beautiful people. But you can see there is a conflict between those who are living with vision inspiration and purpose and those who are thinking and thinking and thinking and worried about themselves and thinking and thinking.

No better has this been illustrated then in my favourite cartoon from Zootopia the movie. Here the sloth who is at the motor registration branch is dealing with the rabbit and the fox. You can see how people conflict with each other at different paces because in one persons mind the process is really important and in the other persons mind the result is all that matters. See if you can see which side of the counter you are on when it comes to delivering your work.

When I read a book my mission is to take as little as possible time. So I read the book 3 times. The first time I skim through the pages looking for interesting things that jump out from the page and I typically will mark that page with a pin or dog ear the corner. The second time I go through and read those marked pages a little better but I’m still not interested in spending much time. And the third time I go through it I just read the bits that I’ve selected in the first two reads. To read a 200 page book takes me typically 20 minutes total for all three rides. I just don’t have the time or the energy to wallow in stories and metaphors from people who usually give most of the contents of the book in the first chapter anyway. But that’s me. My time is my life. And I don’t have any of it to waste.

Enjoy the video.

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