0:00 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, and today we are doing a little video about adaptation. You know, in nature everything is happening. 0:12 We are going through things, we’re always going through something, and the reason we go through things is to evolve, to adapt. 0:22 It can change the pace of life. If you know why you’re going through what you’re going through, instead of trying to make this moment in time the most important moment, which will cause the moment to become flames of pain. 0:35 We need to learn the process of letting go where we are and moving through what we are moving through in order to get where we’re going. 0:44 But if we try to resist that process, it becomes turbulent and our life becomes anything but enjoyable. Consider your life being something like a wild, beautiful, wonderful ocean, and you are going up and down with the waves. 1:01 But the closer, the more you resist, the closer those waves become and the more threatening they feel. You suddenly feel intimidated or what would be called overwhelmed or mentally exhausted or threatened by the circumstances of your life. 1:18 In nature, you are like a sport, always going through something to get to the other side. In a game of sport, you want to get to the victory in life. 1:27 It’s like a process of mathematics. Things are coming at you all the time. You’re trying to make sense of it, trying to work out what’s going on. 1:35 And many people’s response to this is to say, The mathematics is wrong. I wanna reverse the engines, get back to where I was before, calm myself down, go to the mountains, be in nature. 1:47 Simply that fight with nature can’t be one. Nature is always taking you through something and the process of going through it is really up to you as to whether you are fluid adaptive or like this bike rider in this video about to come out front and going through things just a little bit too with uncertain and ending up In this position, Crashing out. 2:15 We are always going through something and the most important part of going through things is the to cause fluidity, is to know why, to have a vision. 2:26 And one of the most important things that we will work through trying to align you with the laws of nature is to make sure that’s a global vision, not just a local one. 2:38 If you get a global vision, it slows everything down. You really suddenly get this viewpoint of what’s taking place in your life that is completely different, and this brings a certain calm about you. 2:51 Now, this calm is a leader’s calm. It’s not about your age. It’s not about your sex. It’s not about your gender. 2:57 It’s not about how beautiful you are are. It’s about how centered and balanced and calm you are in the eye of a storm. 3:06 Once you develop this sense of going through things as a process, the fluidity of adaptation, suddenly everything, even the simplest things look more beautiful. 3:17 And I think beauty is really the ultimate definition as to whether you are on track or whether you’re off track. 3:24 There are ways to escape life. There are shortcuts, there are alcohols. There are different ways to avoid the chaos, to not go through things. 3:36 And I strongly recommend you reconsider whether you are driving along with one foot on the brake or one foot on the accelerator because depression, mental health problems, frustrations, anger hurt, all the things that we are dealing with at work that are knocking people out and sending them home with less energy than they had at the start of the day are absolutely the resistance to change. 4:02 The resistance to adaptation, the wanting it to be the way we thought it should be, but not acknowledging that the way we thought it would be would be predictable. 4:12 Every morning you do walk or chi, you stand up and you call out to the universe and say, Hey, I’m here and I’m doing my thing. 4:20 Bring it on. We are not here on this planet to lay back and just chillax and have everything predictable the way we thought it would be. 4:29 We are here to go through stuff and when we go through stuff, we become different. It’s not about beach holidays and holidays in the sun. 4:38 Those things are recuperative so that we can go through more stuff. And the stuff we go through is chaos. It’s challenge. 4:46 It’s difficult. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s stressful, it’s challenging. It’s not about how many hours we work. It’s whether we grow as a result. 4:56 Everybody’s going through something. Some of it is sad, some of it’s difficult, Some people are going through the garbage. And it really, even if you’re a wealthy person, if you are seeing the world as something that’s not the way you want it to be, you are actually filtering through a garbage tin. 5:15 Getting this perspective of going through stuff requires you constantly to say, Why? Where am I going? Why is it worth going through this? 5:25 Why is it worth being stressed? Instead of fighting stress, say, I’m gonna align with nature. I’m gonna let nature be part of my thinking process. 5:34 I’m gonna break out of the conventional model of motivation, which is dangler, carrot, and when I get to the carrot, I’ll be totally happy. 5:42 Which you won’t, is just another carrot at the end of that carrot. So lining up with nature’s law is about recognizing the fluidity of life that you will be going through stuff, and that every time you go go through something your brain adapts. 6:00 It rewires itself, it rethinks. As long as you learn. If you don’t learn and you go through stuff, you’ll just go through it again and again and again. 6:11 Developing a global vision, developing a recognition that you cannot be the same person you were yesterday, you cannot have the same character, the same personality, the same identity, the same clothes, the same environment. 6:25 And sometimes that costs, it might cost you some stress, it might cost you a job. Just look at a child running through a forest. 6:34 That child is not smelling the roses, looking at the grass, it’s going somewhere. It has a mission. It wants to get to where it wants to go. 6:44 It’s organic. It’s natural for all of us to be on a journey and ask ourselves the question at all times. 6:52 What price will I pay to go through this to get to that? If this is not worth going through to get to that, then we’ve come to a roadblock. 7:02 One foot will be on the accelerator, one on the break. Instead, adapt, evolve, be fluid. This is Chris. You have a beautiful day. 7:12 Bye for now.

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